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After sales services in Spain

Even after the purchase of your property in Spain the service of RG Second Homes does not stop.

Throughout the procurement process, we are a reliable partner at your side.

In addition to requesting your N.I.E. number, opening a Spanish bank account, applying for a possible Spanish mortgage and preparing and checking all necessary contracts and documents we keep you personally guide to the sign at the notary where you will end up owning your new Spanish home or apartment.

New construction projects, we maintain close contact with the relevant contractor, check on your behalf to be carried out and will keep you informed via regular mail at the height of the construction progress of the purchase object during the entire construction period.

Should you after the purchase of your property in Spain need assistance, eg renovations, gardening or pool maintenance wed bring you in touch with specialists who You can be in this helpful.

RG Second Homes also has good contacts with various banks, insurance companies, architects and lawyers so we can put you in touch for any occasion with the right people.

In short, after the purchase of your property in Spain our doors are always open to you and you are always welcome for free advice.

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