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After sales services in Turkey

To optimize the rental potential of your property ...After you have bought a property from Turkey Houses, our service does not stop. We offer a comprehensive range of after sales services and housing management to, conducted by our international team and carefully selected partners.

Professional management of the house offers the opportunity to generate rental income, with a minimum of effort and cost and with complete peace of mind. Our unique online customer care system enables you to track the costs and expenses (for eg utilities) from your home to apply for a contract cleaning or maintenance request, to book airport transfers and make online payments for the house.

Aaronder also staff who speak both English and Turkish for good communication between our technical staff with the homeowners. The services of our After Sales is very wide. Below are summarized the essential points of our property management.

Whats included?

  • Maintenance of the gardens, swimming pools and installations
  • Security on a number of projects
  • Paying your bills for utilities (based on individual meter consumption)
  • Regular monitoring and ventilation of your home

Rental Service

In addition to our extensive range of management services, is our rental website available to Turkey Houses homeowners to maximize the potential of your investment. Designed for optimum rental potential. Turkey Houses is the belief that your home should be a lucrative investment. Thats why we spend new projects in development much attention to the rental aspect. This begins with choosing the right location and extends to the refinement of the smallest details in the interior. All our projects have a lovely large outdoor pool and carefully landscaped gardens. Most projects have many on-site facilities, including an indoor pool, gym, sauna as well as 24h security, wireless broadband internet access and a communal satellite system for television in order to achieve the maximum rental potential. All our properties are equipped with energy-saving electricity system, as is common in hotel rooms, in order to minimize these costs with rental.

Benefits for Residential Tenancies

  • Always accessible by direct (charter flights
  • The airports of Izmir and Bodrum on the Turkish coast, the only current airports remain open throughout the year and from all over Europe with direct (charter) flights are accessible.
  • The mildest winter climate in Turkey.
  • The eastern part of Turkeys Mediterranean coast has fewer than 300 days of sunshine per year.
  • There is wide range of fun activities.
  • Around Kusadasi, the possibilities for fun holiday activities indefinitely. One can enjoy rafting, mountain climbing, horse riding, paragliding, GoKarten, paintball, diving, sailing and many other (water) sports and activities.
  • Managing Your Property
  • The rental potential of your property optimized.
  • After the purchase of your home service from Turkey Houses does not stop. We offer a comprehensive range of after sales services and property management services. This is done by our international team and our carefully selected partners. Through professional management of the property will achieve high rental returns with minimal effort and peace of mind.
  • Through our unique online customer care system you can track the costs and expenses (for Utilities, among others) for the rental, ordering cleaning and maintenance, airport transfers books and arrange payments online.
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