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Buying property in Italy

purchase Process

The buyer and seller agree on the price of the house than the agreements are recorded by the notary in a proposta dacquisto, an offer to sell. This document contains all agreements include price, payment and delivery date, but also to take over the business. The owner also explains here that he guarantees the full ownership and declares that the real estate will be free at the time of the Act include mortgage, title and non-rights Simultaneously, a deposit is made with the proposta dacquisto depending the price an Italian bank check worth 1,000 or 10,000. The check is held by the broker until the bid by the seller is signed, you can get it back if the bid is rejected or if there is no agreement on the price or other terms. In the preliminary contract (compromesso) the payment is listed as caparra confirmatoria either sign money. Does the seller agrees then they sign the contract within seven days. For the signature is transferred must be clear that the seller is authorized to sell the house. This can figure out the broker or adviser.

By signing the preliminary contract linking buyer and seller by the contract, currently waive the purchase can only be based on the recorded conditions precedent. In other cases, the seller has a right to compensation. It is important that at the time of the transfer has to apply for a tax code (codice fiscale) similar to our Social Security number at the local tax office or via the Italian consulate in the Netherlands. Without the code, the notary can not execute the deed. After completion of the sale, you must register as owner of the property at the town hall.

The role of the notary

The Italian notary (notaio) paid by the buyer and this may also choose the notary. The fee for the notary is about 2 to 3 percent of the price specified in the deed, although there is usually used a minimum amount and charges vary by notary. The notary can be involved in the drafting and signing of preliminary sales agreement, but that is not mandatory. However, there should be a notary public commitment in the transfer. There he has an important role in the research work he performs to include the property and the precise cadastral area of the house.

Unlike in the Netherlands interfere notary is not the payment, which proceeds are deposited which he handed to the seller by the broker, it can check with the notary.


For sale is a property valuation to make the property, often will be the bank that issued the mortgage here also to ask. The valuation is carried out in Italy by a specialist surveyor, geometra. Consultation with the lender that he demands on the report. The rates for appraisals may vary considerably, providers charge a fixed price or a percentage of the purchase price. Request quotations from several appraisers.

! Note: Rentals

Sometimes a purchase contract a clause that only allows rentals example through the relevant Italian agency or an affiliated organization. Find out the exact terms. Such provision restricts your freedom to rent the house to family or friends. Often, moreover, not achieved the promised returns.

! Note: Surface

Unlike in the Netherlands, the area of the house and the garden for example an indication. In reality, this may be greater or smaller than indicated. Let the buy and another good measure again and check into the register by the geometra.

Pay attention! Who buys a house outside the city is faced with strict fire regulations. For example, the brief of the vegetation, which means that even if youre not someone to hire to keep the ground around the house.