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Buying property in Turkey

Purchase Contract

Once you have chosen a property and decide to purchase, start negotiations on price, delivery and payment terms. When seller and buyer agree on the price and conditions of these agreements are recorded in a purchase contract (satissözlesmesi). This contract between buyer and seller ensures that the house is delivered in accordance with agreed terms.

Submit application to transfer ownership of the property

After signing the contract of sale the seller must submit an application to the local land registry to allow write about the title deeds (Tapu). This application is examined by the official military authorities in Izmir. They record the application and check whether the property meets certain requirements (legal structure) and is not located in a prohibited military zone. This procedure is compulsory and lasts for 3 to 6 days. To submit a Tapu application requires the following: 6 recent passport photographs Copy of passport buyer a copy of the contract your tax number which is provided by the local valuation office any attorney made at a local authorized notary

The Tapu or Title Deeds

The transfer of ownership will take place once the purchase price has been received. The final transfer procedure in the Tapu office usually takes several days. Immediately after signing the contract you can give us a power of attorney to act on your behalf. (This is done at an authorized notary on site.) This is the usual practice, because it saves you time and travel. Of course we take care of the complete handling of the case.

The Iskan or the living / residence permit

The Tapu is the proof of registration in the land register and your ownership. You will also need an office document: the Iskan. You can see the Iskan as a statement from the municipality that you may dwell in the house. If you purchase an existing house with utilities, there has always been a Iskan present. You have this Iskan also needed for the application include water and electricity.

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