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Information about Italy

Buying a second home in Italy

Who found can prepare to purchase the house of his dreams. Which are broadly the same as in the Netherlands, the differences lie in the details.

The role of the broker

For finding and purchasing a home can be turned on an Italian or a Dutch broker. Turn an Italian broker ask for the Comune, a statement from the municipality of its official registration. Striking difference with the Netherlands is that the Italian agency must be impartial, he represents the interests of both parties. It is therefore advisable to choose a consultant who advises example, an attorney with property expertise. The commission of the estate agent is between three and eight per cent, the buyer and seller each pay half. Make clear agreements with broker on the commission and put it down on paper.

Besides brokers many mediators are also active, for example Dutch who live in Italy for several years and advise if extra income compatriots. Do not just a mediator in the sea. Not only is it questionable whether sun mediator has sufficient knowledge and experience to conduct the sale successful; the Italian law is a mediator in real estate punishable if it is not entered in the register.