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Information about Spain

Invest in Spain? Now or never...

Sun, sea, beach and private house under the southern sun, the new dream of many Belgian adventurers. In 2013, 80 percent more Belgians and Dutch bought a second home in Spain. Sun lovers still prefer to spend their money on Spanish real estate due to the low yield on savings accounts and the new approach of Spanish property developers.

They are now mostly young buyers who enter the foreign real estate market: two-income households which have almost paid off their family and their savings now invest in foreign brick.

Young people find their way to the sun

Where previously retired wegdroomden a villa or an apartment in the Spanish sun, it is younger people who invest in a holiday home. Thirties and forties are now seeing more use in an investment than to rest the money in a savings account which produces almost nothing.

More quality at lower price

Due to the construction crash in Spain is not only the real estate prices dropped sharply, but Spanish property developers now focused attention on higher quality projects with a sleek, modern architecture.

In 2007, you had to cough up 370 000 euro to get the key to an apartment with small windows and a lower finish. Now it is enough to put on the table 250 000 euros to gain access to a modern apartment with home automation and an underground car park. In other words, the price is not only fallen sharply, but the quality of housing has increased exponentially.

Additional flight connections to Spain

The competition between different airlines play a role in the strong demand for Spanish properties. The price gives people that extra nudge to pull the sunny Costa. What comes naturally at the expense of tourism to the Belgian coast.