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Inspection trip to Spain

If you are interested in some objects on display actually in Spain, we are happy to assist in organizing your viewing trip which we found in a casual atmosphere will show the various regions and the objects of your choice.

RG Second Homes also be glad to assist in booking your flights and / or booking a hotel or apartment during your stay in Spain, but this must of course also take place in the location of.

Throughout the inspection trip you can count on personal service, which in addition to seeing the various objects and the environment in which these objects are located, enough time will remain for a snack and a drink.

During this inspection trip you will also ask all your questions regarding the purchase of a property in Spain.

Views metRG Second Homes never find in a group instead. We prefer to deal only with one customer simultaneously on the road so we can reserve enough time for our customers and discretion is guaranteed at all times about personal and financial affairs.

This way we can also free up enough time to visit the property without any time pressure and to answer all your questions about the various objects.

By listening carefully to the comments of our customers may have during the visits that we slightly adjust the program during the day and with your approval, maybe go see some other objects which we think they may also be of interest to you. Finally, we will make every effort to end together with you to achieve the appropriate object.

To get the best possible picture of the entire region and the various objects we advise our clients to travel to Spain for a minimum of 3 to 4 days (longer, actually)

During this period you will receive a full picture of what is possible and you will be guided entirely individually where we besides seeing the various objects also give due attention to the tax and legal matters associated with the purchase of a "second" home in Spain.

In addition, this period is a good opportunity to get acquainted with our office and the people you will assist in the future throughout the entire purchase process, we might find the right home for you. Although your new residence in Spain, the main thing in this entire process, confidence in the broker is just as important, so you after the purchase of your new dream home with confidence, you travel back to your own country. Eventually, we will ensure that all matters are properly controlled during your absence.

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