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Insure your Spanish property

If you buy a "second" home in Spain or planning to emigrate to Spain, it is important to insure your new property well.

RG Second Homes has a good relationship with several banks and insurance companies and looks happy to work with you any insurance or insurance is most appropriate.

For your information, we have again the most necessary insurance below for you to put a row.

  • Home Insurance
  • Contents insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Car insurrance
  • private health insurance

Home Insurance

A home insurance covers damage to your home caused by, inter alia, fire, lightning, storm, explosion, theft and burglary. This insurance also covers water damage caused by you or by others (your neighbors above example).

The amount insured the reconstruction of your home. That is the amount you would have lost to rebuild your home (excl. Ground and foundation). Usually, the reconstruction included in a valuation report.

Contents insurance

Will you rent a house, you only need to insure your possessions (furniture, clothing, audio equipment and the like). The contents insurance covers damage to items you have in your home. Think of damage after a fire or a burst water pipe. Or compensation for the stuff you lost after the initial break you. Insurance is your personal situation and looked among other things is the value of your possessions and your living situation.

Liability insurance

It may be that others suffer financial loss or bodily injuries where you or your family members are responsible for. This can have serious financial consequences for you. For that you can insure themselves. This insurance covers among others also damage caused by your pet (s). You can insure a liability to the tenancy and / or contents insurance.

Travel insurance

Are you a resident in Spain and traveling frequently to the Netherlands or other countries, is a comprehensive travel insurance is your first priority. There are travel insurance policies without any restrictions on the number of trips you can make, depending on the type of coverage you choose, you can travel up to 100 days consecutive, also in Spain. A comprehensive travel insurance covers from the moment you book the trip up to the moment you return home. Cancellations, medical expenses, hospitalization, delayed flights, lost documents and luggage.

Car insurrance

Also in Spain the car needs to be adequately insured.

In Spain they use the term "No claim discount" and it is therefore advisable to ask your insurer for emigration to a written declaration of cancellation / no-claims declaration. However, this can only be issued if you have already terminated the insurance. Asked whether he could be redirected or otherwise question whether friends or family want to do that for you. Ask if they want to make a copy of the first to be sure.

private health insurance

We would like to stress once again the importance of having a good health insurance or hospitalization. You are ill and you are not insured, the costs can be high. Before a hospital in Spain you must indicate where you are insured, and can not, they want a guarantee. Seriously sick will always be helped, this means that they can not simply let death, but a hefty bill always follows.

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