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Turkey has fastest growing economy in Europe

The Turkish economy grew in the first quarter of this year by 4.8 percent.
It reports the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) and the European statistics agency Eurostat.

Turkey has given Europe s fastest growing economy. On the second place, with 0.6 percent behind Turkey, Sweden with 4.2 percent, followed by Romania (4.2 percent), Slovakia (3.7 percent) and Spain (3.4 percent).

The average growth rate of the 28 EU member states was 1.8 percent, that of the 19 euro countries 1.7 percent. The Dutch economy grew by 1.4 percent. The economy shrank by 1.4 percent in Greece.

The Turkish economy is now growing 26 quarters consecutively.
Previously showed that the Turkish growth would be more than expected. The US rating agency Standard & Poors, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Union did not expect this additional Turkish growth. Those were a for one to adjust their figures on forced Turkey up.