Internationaal Vastgoed Makelaar in België en Netherlands – RG SECONDHOMES

Viewing trip

To convince you, we invite you to one of our inspection trips, as better than the best folder or photo is looking at herself and approve.

Each inspection trip organized when it suits you.

Candidate buyers we accompany personally during the inspection trip, we will provide you with all our knowledge and experience in making this important decision.

Together we achieve the selected houses or apartments, let us introduce you to the quality delivered.

real estate is still the safest investment.

Ask us about the possibilities!!!

With us you are 100% owner of both the land and the house !!!

We organize everything, we book tickets and take care of your stay, your contribution 149p / p

The inspection trip is 3 or 4 days. The journey is as below:

day 1

departure from the agreed airport. the airport will be met by

our driver to take you to your hotel. There you will check in and can equip the rest of the day of travel.

day 2

we know each other after breakfast and we will try to answer the questions, then we will visit various projects and let you get acquainted with the area.

We show you as many sights and let you get acquainted with the company and everything related to the purchase of real estate in Turkey, all to happen right in your own language.

day 3

on the third day we go down all the steps to completely personalize your apartment and Discuss any similarities. If you decide to proceed with the purchase will be a purchase intent are made with all agreements, this is in Dutch and translated by Turkish Criminal Interpretation.

Also, you can start picking out the floor-kitchen-bathroom curtains and décor. We also take the opportunity to open a bank account and taxnummer etc..

day 4

according to flight time will be 3 hours before departure picked up at your hotel and airport

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